Draft letter on the G-SIBs data template - 25/06/2012

25 Jun 2012

The IBFED has much appreciated the opportunity to join the May 2 Workshop on the proposed Common Data Template (CDT) for Global Systemically Important Banks (G-SIBs).

We are aware that today’s circumstances are putting the various Authorities that are involved in preparing macro-prudential reporting streams – at a global, regional and national level - under high pressure to make sure that they deliver in a timely way. We are, therefore, grateful to the FSB for nevertheless having found it worthwhile providing feedback to the industry on its current thinking before finalising its work. On the basis of this experience, we fully support the suggestion that has been made to you by our colleagues from the IIF and the GFMA recently that ways should be found to establish channels of regular communication between the FSB and the industry to exchange information and views.

Draft letter on the G-SIBs data template
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