IIF IBFed Response to BCBS Step in risk Submission

18 Mar 2016

The Institute of International Finance (“IIF”) and the International Banking Federation (“IBFed”)1 are pleased to provide comments on the Basel Committee’s (the “Committee” or “BCBS”) Consultative Document “Identification and measurement of step-in risk”, published December 17, 2015. This letter has been produced under the guidance of the IIF’s Shadow Banking Advisory Group. In offering these comments, we believe it is important to reiterate the industry’s support for targeted and proportionate regulatory measures designed to make the global financial system more stable while facilitating economic growth. In order to meet those goals, an assessment of whether new or different regulation is needed should be based on robust empirical analysis of the many beneficial attributes of financial services, the probability and magnitude of a potential threat to financial stability, and the effectiveness and efficiency of available regulatory responses.

Please read the full response via the link below

IIF IBFed Response to BCBS Step in risk Submission
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