Pillar 3

Letter from the International Banking Federation regarding Pillar 3 Disclosures – 09/01/14

Many have recognized the importance of disclosure and transparency as key components of market discipline. In this regard, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has published disclosure requirements that aim to improve the transparency and comparability of a bank's capital base and many of the recent Basel III amendments have disclosure-related aspects. We recognize the importance of disclosure and comparability, especially during times of crisis, and support the work that the Working Group on Disclosure (WGD) is doing to try to improve the quality of disclosures.

Please read the full letter here and the appendix here.



IBFed responds to Basel consultative document on Pillar 3 requirements for remuneration – 25/02/11 

IBFed has responded to a consultative document from the Basel Committee which recommends new “Pillar 3 disclosure requirements for remuneration”.  In the letter, IBFed has highlighted support for the use of disclosure to enhance market discipline by empowering market participants to assess the quality of banks’ remuneration practices.  The response urges the Basel Committee to clarify the precise objective and scope of the proposed disclosure requirements and to limit the requirement to provide prior year comparators.  The likely implementation date for the proposals remains to be set; banks will need adequate notice before the requirements are introduced.

The IBFed comment is available here.



IBFed and IIF joined with the Basel Committee on Pillar 3 of the Basel II Accord -16/01/10

IBFed and the Institute of International Finance today joined with the Basel Committee in a briefing for banking analysts to explain new risk disclosures to be made by banks under Pillar 3 of the Basel II Accord.

The IBFed news release is available here.

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