Financial Stability Board

Comments on FSB consultation paper on ‘Strengthening Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking Policy: Framework for Addressing Shadow Banking Risks in Securities Lending and Repos -29/11/13

The IBFed welcomes the initiatives undertaken by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to address the risk of parallel banking activities and the opportunity to contribute to the discussion on how to enhance transparency, strengthen regulation of security financing transactions, and improve market structure, regarding securities lending and repos.The IBFed response is available here.


IBFed responds to FSB consultative document on effective resolution of SIFIs -05/09/11

IBFed has responded to a background note on shadow banking, which was published by the Financial Stability Board (FSB).
We noted that the form of the shadow banking system is closely linked to regulation and measures which directly regulate the shadow banking system may have potential implications for liquidity and the proper functioning of markets. We also recommended policy principles that should be recognised in pursuing the regulation of shadow banking. The principles are that measures (1) Promote proper functioning of markets, (2) Reduce the likelihood of duplication, (3) Minimize economic impacts, (4) Promote a level playing field, (5) Enhance transparency, (6) Target regulatory supervision, and (7) Support financial stability.The IBFed letter is available here.


IBFed writes to FSB – 12/04/11 

IBFed has written to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) setting out thoughts on the current status of the implementation of the G20 regulatory reform agenda.  In the letter, IBFed offers support for the overarching objectives of the regulatory reform programme and the continuing efforts of the FSB to coordinate its implementation.  We call for the FSA to prioritise work on those reforms most important for near-term financial stability.  The letter also welcomes the FSB’s efforts to promote consistent implementation of standards via its programme of peer reviews and thematic reviews, noting that level playing field is vital to prevent regulatory arbitrage.

The IBFed letter is available here.



IBFed writes to G20 Financial Ministers Central Bank Governors -15/10/10 

IBFed has written to G20 Financial Ministers and Central Bank Governors prior to the G20 summit in November.  In the letter, IBFed expressed the need to commit to regulatory changes enhancing the stability of the financial system.  This letter also suggests further consideration to be given to certain changes to the prudential regime proposed by the Basel Committee, comments on the FSB’s regulatory recommendations for systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) and endorses the Basel Committee’s statements on the FASB’s proposed model for financial instruments accounting.

The IBFed letter is available here.


IBFed writes to G20 – 23/06/10

IBFed wrote to a number of senior figures ahead of the G20 summit in June, expressing support for the objectives of the G20 and the work of the international standard setters tasked with delivering an improved regulatory system.  In doing so, IBFed expressed its willingness to participate in the regulatory reform process aimed at increasing the resilience of financial institutions, enhancing the robustness of financial markets and reducing systemic risk.  IBFed also underlined the importance of open and transparent engagement with the industry as the reform process moves towards implementation.

Here is the IBFed letter.  Here is the contribution on Role of Markets and Regulation and here is the paper on Preliminary Consideration for a Macro-Prudential Supervisory Framework.

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